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Anatomy of a Fan-war

Here is my view on fanwars in the kpop fandom - specifically when dealing with a serious/problematic issue. Your views may differ but here is my main view. I boil it down to three reaction types with sub-types and how these types interact. This is a fairly simplified look at how I view fanwars in general. I try to take the first position in most cases but I cannot deny I may have taken positions 2 and 3 at some point in my life as well. I challenge everyone to think critically about this when they choose to discuss or rather argue over a serious issue. 

  • Are we really addressing the issue?
  • Are we being too defensive?
  • Are we being too offensive? 
  • Are we perpetuating the social ills that we’re meant to be criticizing in the first place?
  • Are we demonizing one another?
  • Are we failing to remove our biases?
  • Are we being insensitive to one another?
  • Are we trivializing someone else’s feelings and/or personal experiences?
  • etc.

These issues that are problematic should ultimately be addressed in a sensitive and respectful manner. Try to really think before you speak or in this case, type.